Features of an Ideal Baby Stroller

Strollers comes with different features and you need to analyze if it is the one for you. You have to decide among the features of a stroller such as maneuverability, design, storage, canopy and many more. But it is recommended that you find a stroller that has all the features that you need and the uppa baby minu is legit, just check out the reviews.

We have a list of features that is important below:

Storage and Folding

A great stroller can be folded with one hand, few strollers has this feature. If you buy a stroller, please try to fold it at the store to see for yourself. Aside from folding you should also see how big the stroller is when folded? Does it fit on your car or any storage space in your house? How about when traveling is it not bulky? You should check the dimensions and make sure it fits.

Basket Capacity

When you have a baby, you carry many things with you. So, it is best that you look at the basket capacity of a stroller. The basket should be large enough so you can carry many stuffs such as diapers, extra clothing and other baby essentials. You might want also a cup holder or a key holder in your stroller, it would be better to pick one that has these.


This is crucial, if you need a stroller for traveling then you must consider want that is light enough for transport. Heavier ones may be full of features, but it is not worth it when it strains your arms when you carry it.


Strollers come in various colors and prints, and it is up to you what you prefer. But you should also bear in mind that dark colors absorb heat and can make your baby uncomfortable. While light colors can go stain so easily but they are good for night walk because it can be seen easily.

Plus, you should buy appropriate color for your baby, you do not want to buy pink strollers for baby boy. So, it would be great if you choose neutral colors, so it is usable for your next baby.


You should check what accessories that comes with your stroller like cup holder, snack trays. There are also manufacturers that can offer you to buy car seats, sunshades and others. Just make sure that you really need these accessories before you commit of buying.