Soccer: Its History

Humans are wired to kick. We do it perhaps of frustration or just we want to have fun. This I think the primary reason why we have invented soccer in the first place. It is our natural urge to kick things. When you decide to kick things by the way for online casino you can get cafe casino bonus code guide from jm, it is the best site out there for codes.

When was it Invented?

England was pointed out to baptized soccer in 1863, but they are not the ones that invented it. England was dubbed as where soccer was born but then again soccer can be traced in the ancient times. According to historian’s soccer-like sports can be traced in the ancient time and it is difficult to pinpoint the exact year and divided it in 3 periods of time.

Ancient Times

Soccer was first written in 300 BC China. It was described as “cuju” and played as kicking a leather ball through a whole on a silk cloth between two poles. Aztecs also were playing the same sport, but it is more like basketball than soccer. The goal of the game was to kick the ball through a small stone circle that is placed high up the arena that is why I said it is more considered as basketball.

Ancient people knew how to have fun and soccer was one of their favorite past time. Although this version of the game is a bit rudimentary like it is just kicking some ball.

Middle Ages

Although this called the “dark ages”, people that time still played soccer. Of course, the form of soccer during this time is not comparable to our current one that is why it is called “mob soccer”. This time dads are on the war, so children often play the sport. That time no clear rules were set so games often end up in fights and serious injuries.

Evidence of this game are found in the London British Museum depicting a group of boys trying to win a ball while another image showing a boy with broken arm.

Modern Day

In order to have a clear set of rules for the game of soccer in October 26, 1863 few English soccer clubs met to create one. This meeting resulted in the establishment of the Football Association.

The rules made by the association was not yet applied to all games eventually was. Since the Football Association was created the game was catapulted from being an amateur to a professional sport. Speaking of professional sport when it comes to sports betting, check visit ezbonuscodes to get your promo codes.